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Who is Yes Oui Care ? |

YOC is a designer  eco- conscious & ethical brand  collaborating  with underprivileged children & women. A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE, altruistic & united, focusing on artistic & educational projects to give different exposure, sensitivity, stimulation and new perspectives to the poorest communities,by organizing drawing workshops with underprivileged children ,  working on several Themes , like Happiness , human value  , environment , Nature … By doing so , the kids can really be exposed to a new sensitivity / stimulation / imagination, humanity and new perspective and they can be involved in a concrete project as they are becoming  our “collaborators” and are involved in the creative process  and feel responsible. Indeed , the idea is to edit some of the Kids  drawing  on our Tee shirts  and a little story about them and their drawing will appear on our website . So they can realize what they are truly capable of doing and envisage their future with hope and motivation. Some of them could then envisage higher education and studies and Y.O.C could help/encourage them by sponsoring the most motivated ones. We would like and hope to employ some of the most motivated kids (after completion of their school education possibly sponsored by us) who would have collaborated with us on projects. That would be a great reward for the brand to contribute to the blossoming of those kids and have a real impact on their life.

 Who is behind YOC ?

 3 Partners having been into design, fashion & textile industry for several years, 3 partners who care for others… Noelline being into design (products/fashion/interior), Corinne being into fashion designing  & textile and Pankaj being into manufacturing  of garments & accessories. The reason behind this partnership is to create high quality eco-friendly products (mainly organic clothes & accessories)  at reasonable prices, so that the products are  accessible to the most people as all our collections  are also made to communicate on causes /actions and spread good human values to a larger public.

YOC  Vision

The idea is not only to add style to good causes and to create style with a touch of humanity, but also to operate by having several projects in collaboration with strong NGOs and trusts. The essential is to create synergies & sustainability:

         * Communicate on specific actions of each organization and the communities they are supporting, as we feel that it is very important, especially now days, to make everyone sensitive to the needs of their own population/country and make a real difference with few actions & solidarity only.

       * Create  specific collections & lines with each organization and we ll have new editions every year, so the collection keep existing and evolving.

        Y.O.C will generate funds (on regular basis) for each organization, as profit from the product sales goes into providing funds to specific projects of the NGO. So from those “partnership”, each organization will have a constant stream of revenue for their various social initiatives and community development, so they can continue their actions every year.  Everyone will be able to see the reports  on our website,  and see the evolution and efficiency of the projects.

Art – Design Program

The first pilot project has started in March with Bal Bhawan (Fr. Agnel School), an orphanage/school in Greater Noida (near New-Delhi), which gives education to 230 kids (orphans, abused kids, from poor communities of different regions in India). Drawing workshops have been conducted for 2 days and the first collection is under process and will be launched in Sept-Oct 2013.

* We want to give children a medium through which they could express themselves, working on the themes of specific campain projects of the NGO.

* The designs that emerge from the art sessions are redesigned by us and reproduced on tees.

* At the heart of each product is the immense talent in children and their boundless creativity. Each tee is unique and is as beautiful as a piece of art;

* Each product carries the story of the child who is involved in creating it.

* Art can be an equalizer. We believe that art can be a special way of raising hope to children ,

* Y.O.C concept is about conveying fascinating creative expression of under- privileged children.

* It’s a wonderful way of allowing children to be spontaneous, free and to communicate on good human values.

* Identify talent, give specialized opportunities to children and promote art as a career option for them.

* Use children’s art as a medium of communication to build awareness for different causes .

* Build Y.O.C brand and generate revenue for a specific project as well as the educational initiatives of the organization.

All products are made of organic cotton and natural fabrics/materials, with high quality standards. Starting with organic t-shirts (for children, women & men) and then expanding to Yoga line, accessories and home decorative products. Moreover, all fabric wastage will be recycled into accessories (belts, bags, scarves, etc) as part of our eco-friendly & eco-conscious spirit.

We are highly motivated by this project as we really believe that more and more we need to work hands in hands all together if we want to have a proper long-term impact and improve our future for the next generations. If we join our efforts and share, we will be stronger, feel better and spread happiness. Our goal in this project is to build a strong brand for development, a social enterprise and have long term actions with our partners.



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