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Living in India since several years, YOC team has been deeply impacted by the poverty affecting so many people, and then felt the strong desire to improve the society and help others to do the same in a fun and unique way, increasing awareness about different causes and impact the world in a positive way.

Yes OUI Care is about spreading messages of peace & harmony through long term creative collaborations with NGOs all over the world. Each design created by underprivileged child is reproduced on tee with our expertise and designer skills. Each piece sold will then help his own community on a specific project.

For example, on the first project we organized drawing sessions with kids from an orphanage boarding school near Delhi and we asked them to draw on specific themes like Nature, environment, family, peace, happiness, etc (human values) and they wrote messages they would like to spread to the world. Out of 500 drawings, we selected the most creative ones and each tee sold will help collecting funds to finance specific projects for the school and also to sponsor creative kids into their design studies. Idea behind it being to be able to employ them after completion of studies if they wish to and build a strong team and spirit.

By  wearing YOC cool products, you will help to promote and support meaningful causes by wearing good, doing good and feeling good… You won’t be only wearing fashionable and look great but you will also have the amazing feeling that you can make a true difference today.

OUI share, because OUI Care and make a real difference…




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