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A successful workshop

The children were waiting for us impatiently, still very shy in front of these strangers they were going to spend a two-days-workshop with, but with eyes full of shinning excitement and curiosity. Sixty cute faces we would not forget, sixty kids whose beauty amazed us: they were full of life. Their teachers explained them why we were here for: stimulate their imagination and creativity to create the very first collection of Yes Oui Care. They knew that all the drawings could not be used for the brand, but they will all be exposed to value everyone: these two days of workshop revealed a lot of talent and enthusiasm among them. It happened on March 11th and 12th, in Greater Noida, close to New Delhi. We split the children into three groups of twenty each, all aged from 5 to 18. According to their age and the groups, we proposed different kinds of themes, both common and specific. How do they picture their family, friends, their future, the world ?We were EAGER to discover their interpretations of the surrounding life in the drawings… We have been really surprised by the high quality of the frames, the abundant imagination and the joyful ambition of these kids. This was a wonderful proof of the high quality of this school, where everyone takes a good care of each one of the students.

To involve even more meaningfully the children, they all had to sign their drawings of course, but also to write a story about them.

We left the school richer: we shared joy, exchanged smiles and laughs, met amazing human beings. Of course, we had to deal with many doubts and interrogations, because express oneself about these subject is not specifically obvious for everyone, especially for children. But they did their best, happily and sincerely, and it was just magic !

Now, our part of the job starts : to give a new life to these drawings and the best of ourselves to keep accurate the first meaning of their realization. The production is in progress, it will be available very soon !


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