yes oui care

An amazing school to work with !

Try to picture a place where children are freely playing, running, laughing, and also are learning how to smartly live altogether. At the same time, they are truly encouraged in developing their individual qualities, following their aspirations and simply dare having their deep desires come true. Could you imagine one second that these charming children are coming from the most disadvantaged places in India, and that most of them are carrying a heavy and painful and violent past? This is true. These 230 children have been entrusted to this school in Greater Noida, near New Delhi, to give them a chance to avoid the path that seemed to have been decided for them. Father Bento created this institution where he imbued very strong human values. There is no money flowing by, everything is based on gifts…and it really works! So, for instance, every day, the boarders eat as many unsold croissants from Taj (luxury restaurant and hotel) – as they wish to. Can you believe this? Father Bento is supported by amazingly devoted and loving Sisters who daily accompany each child for their development, all along their scholarship… and even beyond! The boarders are taken care of from 4 to 17, helped for school but also psychologically of they need. They receive a lot of artistic and intellectual stimulations.

So we decided to visit this place people were talking about as “heaven on Earth”… Were they all exaggerating? Well, we have been happily surprised when we went through the doors of Bal Bhawan School! It is actually like Heaven, where children seem to be truly happy, they speak perfect English and are so polite – we are not used to this anymore nowadays! The atmosphere is full of joy, healthy joy : they all know how lucky they are and seem to enjoy every minute of their life !This is with Father Bento and his funny troop that we decide to start the first workshops for the samples of Yes Oui Care.

Added on the 12th : We had two marvelous days with the kids, pure happiness! But we will tell you about it in another post !



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